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The Grand Tour Faculty Recital

A "Grand Tour" of the new Hauptwerk Organ, with sounds from 8 of the most famous pipe-organs in the world! Featuring organist, Dr. Devon Howard, SWAU Music Department Chair & Director of Keyboard & Theory Studies.

Take a tour through Europe! Dr. Howard will play pieces from various countries and eras to demonstrate the sounds and styles of organ music through time. Event is open to the public and admission is free.

About the Organ A company called Hauptwerk designed the software used in the new organ. Dr. Howard has performed on pipe-organs all over the world. The sound of our new organ is amazingly accurate. Dr. Howard customized the organ console through Noorlander, a company in the Netherlands. Noorlander then built it, delivered, and installed it. With the organ we purchased 8 pipe-organ sets from 8 famous pipe-organs.

When creating these sets, several mics are put on each pipe from varying distances. Each organ may have up to 4,000 pipes so each organ may have about 12,000 individual recordings that are integrated into the software. That's a lot of wonderful sound!

October 5, 2017 - 7:30pm Wharton Auditorium, Mabee Center 303 W Magnolia, Keene, Texas 76059


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